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The State of VoIP

The Scenario

Why should a 200-employee company buy your VoIP system rather than outsourcing its telecom needs? We're basing our analysis on a fictional 180-employee insurer that is moving into new offices (details below).

The following minimum requirements are essential to this review:

  • System must support a minimum of 220 Ethernet-attached IP phones (180 employees plus room to grow.)
  • All phones must support 802.3af
  • All phones must have two, 100-Mb ports
  • All phones must support 802.3q/p and either DiffServ- or TOS-based QOS
  • All responses must include Unified Messaging support
  • All responses must include ACD support
  • All responses must include Presence support
  • All responses must include support for telecommuters

HaveNoFear Insurance LLC insures the makers of reality television programs, including everything from Fear Factor to Candid Camera. The growing reality TV media phenomenon requires insurance because of the dangerous, high-risk activities that make these shows so popular. The likelihood of a lawsuit from a stunt gone wrong, or mental abuse and humiliation from another contestant or panelist, is high. As a result, insuring the sponsors, producers and staff of these shows has become a high-growth area.

HaveNoFear is growing quickly, but also faces stiff competition. Actuaries, risk managers, loss control engineers, underwriters and legal counsel must work together to efficiently set premiums for new shows, sometimes on a stunt-by-stunt basis, while keeping the company's costs down. In addition, case managers, customer service reps and claims adjusters must work together to resolve claims in a timely manner.

The company plans to move its staff of 180 employees to larger headquarters and will require a new telephone system. Upon occupying the building, HaveNoFear IT will install a high-bandwidth, high-quality LAN that will not be part of this RFI. While there are no satellite offices, about 20 employees telecommute from home and 30 additional employees have offices at headquarters but also travel extensively and telecommute from home occasionally.

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