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Sorrento Networks' GigaMux 3200 Platform Now Includes Tunable XFPs

DENVER (BUSINESS WIRE) Sorrento Networks announced today the availability of its new Tunable XFP, a new feature in its GigaMux 3200 platform for all of its 10G services. An XFP is the 10G laser signal on Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) platforms. A traditional XFP has a discrete channel assigned to it as it is manufactured. Up until now, if a WDM network had only one specific channel available, the network operator had to purchase a discrete XFP for that channel. Today, using Sorrento's world-class management system, a network operator can select channels in real-time and incorporate those changes immediately. This new feature will dramatically decrease installations times, while decreasing network downtime for channel modifications.

Managing a WDM network with discrete XFPs is operationally difficult. One has to keep track of the used channels and then manage around those channels to fit for new growth. This requires purchasing the exact channel needed and then installing the correct XFP. Additionally, maintaining a network with discrete channel XFPs causes network operators to keep exact XFP channels available for proper replacements. Now, only one Tunable XFP is required to support a full 40 channels worth of discrete XFPs.

"The WDM market is demanding more flexibility for network deployment. Sorrento helps our customers address bandwidth management problems for networks today and tomorrow," stated Jim Nevelle, CEO, Sorrento Networks. "The operational and capital savings of the Tunable XFP is extremely beneficial as our customers expand their networks, add new customers and capacity. As these networks begin to fill up, channel assignments are becoming more and more difficult. Our robust solution meets their growth needs and also provides the option to expand without having to replace the entire infrastructure." Tunable XFPs are now available as a new feature in the GigaMux 3200 platform.