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Sometimes I Don't Understand Hosting Companies

A client of mine purchased use of a server with one of the myriad of hosting companies that have sprung up in recent years.

He purchased a Windows 2003 Server, with SQL and a couple of other add-ins for a fairly reasonable price and a fairly reasonable set-up.

So I began to set-up the machine. First I had to configure the Web server with all the Web sites. Next, a specialty package for test giving. Third, SQL Server.

STUCK! I found that they loaded the SQL server, but not the Enterprise Manager! How are you supposed to work a SQL server without the Enterprise Manager, to add tables, configure databases, and so on and so forth?

So I call technical support. Quickly gliding through the over abundance of voice mail options, I get a gentleman on the phone. After giving him the obligatory identifying information, I ask, "Where is the enterprise manager?"

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