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SMBs D-Link To Inexpensive IP Telephony

D-Link has always been a company that has provided SMBs with a variety of networking and connectivity solutions. Recently, the company launched the xStack IP Telephony DVX-1000 IP PBXan IP-based device aimed at helping small businesses cut telephony-based costs.

Out of the box, the device can support up to 25 extensionsas long as they have Internet access, users can be anywhere in the world. Resellers have the option of offering additional extensions via license codes that can only be obtained through D-Link, which leaves room for potential post-sales revenue support.

The DVX-1000 can be used to combine voice and data onto a single LAN/WAN infrastructure while integrating applications such as call forwarding, call pickup, caller ID, conferencing and many other features. One thing to note, if resellers want to connect the device to a traditional PSTN with an IP-based network, they are going to need an IP analog trunk gateway to make the two coexist. (D-Link recently released the xStack IP Telephony DVG-3004S SIP Analog Trunk Gateway, which will accomplish this task.)

All administration configurations are done through the Web-configuration tool. From here, company policies and employee profiles are assigned.
Built into the Web GUI is the option to schedule and invite employees to participate in conference calls. All notifications can be sent out to employees using this feature. When administering a conference call, users can import all pertinent information such as phone numbers, who the participants are, as well as access codes. CRN Test Center engineers were impressed with how quick and easy it was to master the phone-conferencing feature.

Many SMB customers are without an in-house phone-conferencing bridge because the infrastructure required to achieve this is typically far too expensive for the SMB customer. Another pricey option is a service company such as UCN or Infinite Conferencing, which charges every time the conference-call feature is used. Therefore, if a company frequently schedules conference calls, its bottom line will be affected; spending a onetime fee of $1,599 for D-Link's DVX-1000 IP is far more cost-effective.

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