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SmartAdvice: Add Security Appliances, But Remain Vigilant And Have Backups

Editor's Note: Welcome to SmartAdvice, a weekly column by The Advisory Council (TAC), an advisory service firm. The feature answers two questions of core interest to you, ranging from leadership advice to enterprise strategies to how to deal with vendors. Submit questions directly to [email protected]

Question A: Should we use security appliances for firewalls and VPN access, or would we be better off deploying security software on general-purpose servers?

CSI/FBI Computer Crime and Security Survey documents that security breaches were responsible for more than $140 million in business losses at the 494 companies surveyed in 2004. Clearly, having a good computer-security defense in place is of paramount importance for any business, yet achieving that goal can be challenging. In the past, unless you had a dedicated, highly trained, professional security staff and specialized systems, something would eventually slip past your defenses. Fortunately, the new breed of security appliances now available makes practicing good security hygiene a snap, but there are some worrisome vulnerabilities in taking the appliance approach to solving corporate network security problems.

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