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Small Businesses Need Backup Too

What to do when disaster strikes is a question often left unanswered in small-business computing environments.
Many small businesses fly by the seat of their pants when it comes to backup and disaster-recovery planning, creating both a challenge and an opportunity for solution providers.

Businesses of any size are at risk, whether the risk stems from natural disasters, man-made events, equipment failure or computer viruses.

Selling disaster-recovery software, hardware and services is much like selling insurance. The key is to demonstrate the cost of "not doing business" in the event of a disaster. Of course, that calculation varies by business type, as businesses that rely heavily on technology will incur higher losses than light technology users. Those elements will drive both the budget and capacities associated with backup and disaster-recovery solutions.

The CRN Test Center built an example solution that demonstrates some of the best practices in both hardware and software for countering a disaster. The solution was based on the needs of a small, busy accounting firm.

Accounting firms tend to be heavily dependent on technology and require reliable, noninterrupted access to IT assets, especially during tax processing.

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