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Skype Smartphone VoIP Beta Leaves Out The 'V'

Voice-over-IP (VoIP) vendor Skype this week released a beta of a version of client software for Windows Mobile smartphones but left out the voice capabilities.

The capabilities were left out of the early beta because the devices that use the Windows Mobile smartphone platform don't have enough processing power, according to a forum posting by a Skype staff member. In addition, "network connectivity of currently available phones is not sufficient to enable Skype voice calls," according to the posting.

Instead of voice, users of the beta will be able to log in and participate in instant messaging, according to the vendor. It indicated that voice capabilities would eventually be available.

"Skype is built on peer-to-peer platform and by nature it requires more communication with other peers than simple server-based messaging," according to the posting. "We are working to lower network usage in future versions."

The vendor has already released a voice-capable version of its client for Windows Mobile PDAs.