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Skype Launches Big Retail Blitz With RadioShack

Skype telephone kits will sold in 3,500 RadioShack stores across the U.S., the Reuters news agency is reporting today.

Among the Skype products being sold are a Motorola Bluetooth headset, priced at $100, a $40 Logitech headset, and a $129 Linksys cordless phone. Skype products will be featured in a special kiosk, and will also include Skype starter kits for $5, which include an earpiece/microphone, software and 30 minutes of free Skype calling time to anywhere in the world.

Skype products will also be featured in RadioShack holiday catalogs and mailings

Saul Klein, Skype's vice president of global marketing, told Reuters "The retail pact with RadioShack is Skype's first general distribution deal with a retailer anywhere in the world."

Klein also said that the RadioShack deal will only be the first move towards establishing a significant Skype retail presence. "The RadioShack relationship is really our coming to America," Klein told Reuters. "You will be hearing more from us about retail relationships in other markets."