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ShoreTel Adds New Productivity Features To VoIP Platform

IP telephony vendor ShoreTel Monday rolled out the latest version of its call control software, adding features to help customers improve productivity and ease migration from legacy systems.

ShoreTel5 Release 2 adds new features to the vendor's platform that are commonly found in legacy key systems, but with a VoIP twist, said Rich Winslow, senior director of product management at ShoreTel, Sunnyvale, Calif.

"We're often replacing key systems, so users typically have a certain expectation of feature behavior," Winslow said.

For example, the upgrade adds a new group paging feature that enables users to page a number of employees simultaneously across multiple locations. Key systems typically offer group paging but only to users within a single location, Winslow said.

"If [a customer] calls the branch office of a credit union, you can do a simultaneous page to all loan agents in all regional offices to get someone right away," he said.

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