• 05/25/2007
    3:14 PM
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Shocking New Feature for Cell Phones

Could cell phones someday help you avoid being struck by lightning?
Earlier this year, we mentioned how one cell phone manufacturer was experimenting with a model that could detect if the sun was too hot and warn you before you got a sunburn. Another company is now considering making its cell phones mini meteorologists. Or should we say storm trackers?

New Scientist Tech reports that Nokia has proposed a feature that would let cell phones track lightning and warn you if it starts to head your way. Because lightning is electricity, its current creates radio waves. These signals could be picked on a cell phone and a signal issued depending on how close the lightning is.

The feature would be ideal for cell phones owned by outdoor enthusiasts and those seriously dedicated golfers who would play through a nuclear Armageddon--let alone a little rain--if they could.

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