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Shades Of Grey

Thanks in large part to the Internet, enterprise threats are constant and they are everywhere-- viruses, Worms, Trojans, spyware, adware, phishing attacks, and on and on and on. And throw in the growing ubiquity of so-called greynet apps that end users can install without the help -- or approval -- of IT, and the threat worsens. So what is an under-resourced, overburdened systems administrator to do? Read our excellent feature on setting Internet policies and Web control practices and take heed - that is my advice.Yes, I know everyone and their brother is already exhorting you to set actionable security policies and enforce those but I think this feature is a cut above the rest. Writer J.W. Olsen examines in detail what those policies should cover, and what Web control solutions are available to administrators to protect their environments.

The article is full of information and guidance on how to mitigate threats. And the first step is being armed with the right information to make the decisions your organization needs to, forgive my twisted metaphor, wage war on what truly isn't a level battle field.