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Service Provider: Open Source Developers Stole My Code

A small but nasty open-source battle is brewing involving a startup
application service provider called Furthermore over what the company claims
is the stealing of its intellectual property.

Furthermore is an online service resembling a newspaper. It's a wholly owned
subsidiary of the Literati Group, in Chicago.

Furthermore President Brian Connolly said he used two open-source developers
to create parts of the service. When the project was finished, "code was
taken without our permission by a lead member of the Mambo Development Team
and put into Mambo's core program," Connolly said.

Putting the code into Mambo's core program violated a contract he has with a
developer, Connolly said. The Mambo Development Team vehemently disagrees
with Connolly's claims, posting a lengthy statement on its Web site.

The statement reads, in part: "We have investigated these claims and believe
that: 1. The dispute relates to an alleged breach of contract between Mr.
Connolly and the privately commissioned developer and is thus nothing to do
with Mambo. 2. The code in question is a derived work of existing GPL code
and therefore must remain GPL. We therefore take the view that these claims
are frivolous and without substance. This matter is now in the hands of our
legal advisors and we will be making no further public statements, nor will
we permit any further discussions on this matter to take place in the
official forums as they have only resulted in further personal abuse."

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