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Security Pros Lax At Protecting Their Own Computers

Who has the most secure telecommuting and home computer setups? Security professionals would seem like a safe bet.

Good guess, but ... No.

PKware, a security company that focuses on data transfer and storage, surveyed security professionals at last month's RSA Security Conference and got some surprising results. The survey showed that while 86% of more than 100 respondents were very concerned or extremely concerned about their confidential personal information falling into the wrong hands, almost one-third admitted they don't use any tools to ensure that the files they send and store are protected.

When findings like this come back about general users, security managers typically say it's a lack of education. Well, not in this case. These are the professionals who are trained to safeguard corporate networks and critical information.

"We were surprised at the results of the survey, given the respondents were security and IT professionals at some of the most security-conscious organizations in the world," Tim Kennedy, president of PKware, said in a written statement. "It shows that this is not just a user education issue, but one that comes down to the classic struggle between usability and security. We have to make it as easy as possible for people to integrate data security into their everyday lives, making it a seamless part of existing business and consumer communication habits."

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