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Secure SIP-Compliant VoIP Phone Set To Make Debut

Snom technology AG will unveil its new, session initiation protocol (SIP)-based secure VoIP phone at the Supercomm trade show in Chicago next week.

Designed for office use, the snom 320 is fully SIP-compliant and supports three-party conference bridging on the phone itself to reduce latency and maximize network efficiency while reducing the load on IP public branch exchanges (PBXs). The phone's extensive security features include support for the secure real-time transfer protocol (SRTP) to protect against eavesdropping and transport layer security (TLS).

The snom 320 features a 2 x 24 semi-graphic LCD display, programmable keys and a menu-driven interface. The phone is designed to be easily installed and maintained, and can be managed and graded remotely. Its built-in web server supports end-user configuration as well as screen dialing and access to the onboard address book and call history.

"Like other award-winning snom VoIP phones, the snom 320 is engineered for flexible deployment with SIP-standard IP PBX appliances, enterprise-grade VoIP premise equipment or hosted services," snom CEO Christian Stredicke said in a statement. "Uniquely powerful for an entry-level product, secure and standards-based, the snom 320 lowers TCO and adds value to virtually any real-world VoIP implementation."