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We used the setup wizard utility, which works via an HTML browser, to get the 2755W running. The access point is a plug-and-play device; no explicit configuration is needed in most cases. The access point supports standard features such as normal and turbo modes, WEP security, and MAC address ACLs (access control lists). The 2755W's built-in DHCP server capabilities can be used to assign IP addresses to the wireless clients that associate with the access point, a feature that might benefit small-office or branch-office environments. In addition, SMC provides SNMP support. Unlike Intermec's and Proxim's enterprise access points, however, the 2755W does not support 802.1x nor power over Ethernet. And there are no provisions to efficiently manage groups of access points.

In our performance tests, SMC offered the fastest throughput in turbo mode, in excess of 31 Mbps. In normal mode, performance was slightly below average but still acceptable. Our range tests revealed that SMC had an above-average coverage area, as far as 126 feet in one direction. The ping coverage at the various spots, with maximum transmit power enabled, showed up to 35 percent packet loss at spot E and up to 20 percent packet loss at spot F. At the remaining spots there was zero packet loss.

MC2755W 802.11a Wireless Access Point, $490. SMC Networks, (800) SMC-4YOU, (949) 679-8000. or [email protected]

NetGear HE102 802.11a Wireless Access Point