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Intermec Technologies Corp. MobileLAN Access 2106

Given Intermec's long history of supporting wireless networking in factories, warehouses and various vertical markets, it's no surprise that the MobileLAN Access 2106 is a true enterprise-class access point. The product is loaded with advanced features, and its powerful and flexible management capabilities make it a solid choice for an 802.11a infrastructure deployment. However, the transmission range was significantly less than that of the Proxim Harmony, and the granularity of some of the features may require considerable training of your support staff.

The installation of the Intermec access point is simplified by the Microsoft Windows-based MobileLAN Access utility. We installed the utility on a machine that connected to the same network as the access point, then set the initial IP address for the access point. This utility also has options for restoring the access point to defaults and recovery of a failed access point. Aside from Intermec, only Proxim Harmony supports a software-based reset feature; SMC, Intel, Linksys and NetGear support hardware-based resets to restore the access point to factory defaults. Although we did not get an opportunity to recover a failed access point, we did restore it to factory defaults on several occasions during our testing.

802.11a Access Point Performance
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Once we set the initial IP address, we were able to configure the other parameters for the access point through a Web browser. The Web management interface is difficult to navigate, and the sheer number and depth of its various features can make it intimidating at first. We found that we had to refer to the online help several times before understanding some advanced features. In contrast, the Proxim Harmony APC's Web management interface is friendlier and simpler to use, though with less granularity.