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Review: GN Netcom's Dual Connectivity Headset

A friend of mine is a pacer. In other words, whenever he's talking on the phone, he paces his office -- at least as far as the phone will let him. Wireless headsets such as GN Netcom's GN 9350 were made for people like him.

GN Netcom GN 9350

In its literature, the GN 9350 claims "full convergence between traditional and PC-based IP telephony" -- in other words, if you're connected via both landline and VoIP, this should enable you to keep in contact both ways without having to switch phones. out on the market. For this purpose, the unit uses DECT 6.0 wireless technology at a WiFi frequency of 1.9 GHz.

It's snazzy-looking, certainly. The base is a round silver and black affair, with ports for the power cord, a USB connection, and an RJ-11 phone connection along one edge; and indicator lights along the other. The earpiece, headset, or neckset (the unit comes with three interchangeable pieces) slips into a vertical rest that emerges out of the base.

Like many good-looking machines, the GN 9350 can be a bit difficult to configure. The base has a silver cover which hides a control that adjusts for dial-tone clarity, and an LCD (which, not being backlit, was not easy to read) that offers options such as basic volume and audio bass.

The indicator lights at the base of the unit include four green LEDs that let you know the power status of your battery; a red light indicates whether you've got the mute active or not. On either side of the earpiece rest are two large buttons that let you opt for either your computer-based phone or your landline phone. Which is which is indicated by two small LEDs and two very small icons -- something a little more obvious might have helped avoid confusion. For example, at one point I had the unit set to my landline phone, and when the VoIP rang, I accidentally disconnected the caller.

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