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The Return Of The Boom Years?

Remember the heady days of the Internet boom and endless technological possibilities? VC funding was plentiful, creativity was soaring, and yes, in the age of the overvalued acquisitions practicality was pretty scarce. But who hasn't missed those times just as little bit as we struggled through uncertain days and leaner years. Well, there certainly aren't any guarantees but it does look like things may be picking up, finally.Research firm the TowerGroup anticipates that next year IT budgets will soar, with corporations hoping that technology will pave the road for further business development, instead of merely being a tool to save money. As a result, the TowerGroup expects more investors to pump money into technology.

That could be good news for IT professionals searching for advances and innovation - or it could mean another trip down the road of surreal waste. Of course, even in those blurry, dotcom-crazed 90s, some brilliant technical innovation was underway. Only time will tell in which direction we are heading.