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Recent Small Biz Disaster Recovery Concept Is A Great Idea, But ...

The news that Snap Server has released a new disaster recovery system aimed at small business (see, "Disaster Recovery Can Be A Snap For Small Biz,"), at a price point that is affordable is laudable.

Small biz needs the ability to protect itself from computer disasters. These companies are usually under capitalized, and least able to recover from a major computer disaster.

However, that being said, if PowerQuest, the company that made the software V2i Protector Server Edition made it as well as they made DataKeeper, the software Snap provides for desktop backup, small business may have a slight glitch in their recovery.

I reviewed a while back a Snap Server for one of our sister publications. I thought at the time (and still do) that it's a great concept and piece of equipment. In addition, my Snap has been running non-stop now for several years, without one single problem. But DataKeeper, that's a horse of another color.

I truthfully have no clue what is backed up, and what isn't. 99% of the time, when I need to reboot my computer, DataKeeper hangs. Thankfully, I haven't lost anything where I needed to resort to restore. This hasn't been my only problem with DataKeeper. I liked the Snap so well, I installed them in several clients, and again, the hardware keep chugging, but DataKeeper became a problem.

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