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Reality IT: Good Intentions vs. Good Decisions

Over the past few months at ACME, we've engaged in some head-spinning analysis: whether to outsource one function and insource another. This might seem like organizational schizophrenia but, in fact, the two initiatives shared the same goals: to save money and use resources more efficiently.

However, the executives driving these initiatives often didn't complete their homework. My crew did further research into the IT costs. From our business analysis, we concluded that neither plan would save money. Here's a real-world view of how two executives looking to overturn the status quo learned that good intentions don't necessarily lead to good decisions.

Would-Be Projects

On the outsourcing side, CIO Steve Fox had been pushing to move our mission-critical servers to a collocation site. He believed collocation would provide better system uptime and growth options.

Our data center is about two years old and we recently completed a server consolidation effort, moving many applications to several 32-way big boxes. But we've been adding to those systems and provisioning new one-off boxes for various projects and, as a result, we're pushing the limits on physical space, power and cooling.

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