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Rapid VoIP Growth Threatens Quality Of Service

A networking equipment company studying data traffic moving across its global network of ISP sites has identified more than 1,100 VoIP providers. The Waterloo, Ontario, Canada-based company, Sandvine Inc., noted that the number of VoIP providers is continuing to grow at an unprecedented rate.

Sandvine said the surge in VoIP providers is beginning to strain many ISPs and it urged ISPs to structure their networks to make sure high quality service is delivered to end subscribers.

"ISPs can enhance the broadband experience by prioritizing or reserving bandwidth for latency-sensitive and interactive applications like VoIP," said Sandvine's managing director Chris Colman in a statement Wednesday. "For ISPs planning to bring their own VoIP services to market, it is imperative they understand how many minutes are already being consumed by subscribers."

Sandvine noted that the voice component of VoIP traffic should have rigorous and flexible techniques in order to deliver high quality of experience (QoE) service.

The firm, a provider of network gear and services to broadband companies, stated in its report: "The battle for market share amongst all these offerings will be fought on the field of QoE, a measure of end-to-end performance that combines reliability, standard quality of service metrics, and subjective end-user experiences."