• 05/20/2005
    4:00 AM
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QLogic's SANBox 5602

Senior technology editor Don MacVittie tests QLogic's 4 Gig SANBox 5602 16 port switch in our Green Bay, Wis., Real-World Labs and finds that despite its enterprise-class features and easy
I figured QLogic must have done more than simply increase the port speeds--even at 2 gigabits, negotiated speed improved. The vendor insisted it hadn't revamped the internal architecture dramatically. It will be interesting to test other vendors' 4-gigabit switches in the same environment to see if this improvement is global. Simple Setup

The process of getting the QLogic into the FC fabric was simple. I used the serial connection to adjust the management-port settings, then plugged it into the IP network and switch using SANsurfer, QLogic's switch-management software, for advanced configuration options.

• 4-gigabit-enabled
• Performance improvements even at 2 gigabits
• No direct integration with Netegritys


• Only 16 ports
• Not as many bells and whistles as some leading FC switches

QLogic SANbox 5602, contact vendor for pricing. QLogic Corp., (800) 662-4471, (949) 389-6000.

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