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Q & A With Juniper Networks CTO Pradeep Sindhu

Pradeep Sindhu, Juniper Networks' vice chairman, founder and chief technical officer, is also the public point man for the company's "Infranet Initiative," an ambitious industry-coalition effort to build standards that will bring private-network performance to the IP/MPLS Internet core.

In a meeting last week at Juniper's headquarters in Sunnyvale, Calif., Sindhu provided some more background on the reasons for the Infranet Inititiative, where it stands now, and whether or not Juniper has asked competitor Cisco Systems to participate (they have). In today's segment, Sindhu explains the rationale behind the Infranet Initiative, and what problems it seeks to fix, among other topics.

Advanced IP Pipeline: When you first announced the Infranet Initiative, it seemed to lack a supporting cast. What is the current status?

Pradeep Sindhu: We had kind of a preliminary meeting at the GSM Conference in Cannes [in February], where we privately met with people to share the idea of what we wanted to do. That was, to fix the situation that the carriers have right now, which is that they are not able to be profitable.

They are not able to be profitable in part due to the complexity of the current situation, which has two parts. The first part is that there is [generally] a network for each application type, where because the network is built specifically for this application, you are able to get the reliability, security and quality that the application needs.

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