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Panasas Boosts Performance

FREMONT, Calif. -- Panasas, Inc., the global leader in
parallel storage solutions for the High Performance Computing (HPC) market,
announced today that Fugro N.V., a world leader in geotechnical, survey, and
geoscience services, has boosted its seismic application performance by 5X
since implementing Panasas ActiveStor Parallel Storage. The Panasas parallel
storage solution allows Fugro to more quickly deliver vital geophysical data
to the company's exploration and production customers, thereby speeding up
the discovery and retrieval of oil & gas reserves.

The Netherlands-based Fugro, with its 12,000 employees stationed in more
than 50 countries, provides geophysical, geological and engineering
technical services to customers in the oil & gas, construction and mining
industries. Fugro's team of experts collects and interprets information
about the earth's surface, soil and rocks to help Fugro customers determine
where and how deep to drill for oil and gas. The processing turnaround time
and the quality of raw data are crucial elements in helping Fugro and its
oil & gas customers create a business advantage. This deployment of Panasas
parallel storage has improved the performance of Fugro's Linux clusters,
allowing the data-intensive applications to run faster, and leading to
faster discovery, development and ultimate delivery of oil and gas to the
global market.

"Currently, we're using Panasas storage for a survey project of the entire
Gulf of Mexico and it requires the collection and manipulation of a
tremendous amount of data," said Matthew Grey, Unix/Linux systems manager at
Fugro. "Previous direct attached storage and NFS-based solutions were taking
too long to complete jobs because multiple users accessing the same storage
resources brought our seismic application performance down to a crawl. By
switching to Panasas storage, we have boosted our performance by a factor of
five, allowing multiple users working on the same project to access the
cluster without response time degradation. Whenever you put as much data as
we deal with into one storage system, you'd better make sure the system is
fast, reliable, and very easy to manage. Panasas has delivered."

Panasas Inc.