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The Pain Of Connecting Wirelessly

Does your wireless connection actually connect?

I just took a nice little vacation to sunny warm Acapulco. While waiting in the President's Club (no, Server Pipeline doesn't pay that well, Frequent Flyer miles do), I saw a big sign saying "Wireless Internet."

"Wow," I thought. Unfortunately, it was a vacation, so I didn't have my computer, but other travelers did. As I walked around, I saw expressions from glee to downright frustration.

The gleeful ones were doing their work; the frustrated individuals could not connect. I walked over to one unfortunate non-connector to see if I could help. He was running a Dell notebook computer with XP, and his workmate had a Dell with W2K (and no, this is not a Windows bashing commentary). They just couldn't connect.

Tried everything I knew, but no luck. They were able to connect to their wireless network at the home office, but not here in Houston.

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