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Outsourcing: IT Threat Or Opportunity?

Just in time for the holidays come dire predictions likely to send a chill through the hearts of most U.S. IT professionals. An upcoming Congressional report is forecasting difficult times ahead for domestic IT workers, thanks in large part to the way that technology itself has helped erase geographic boundaries and make it possible for less expensive offshore workers to compete and win jobs from U.S. employees.Well, I say sure, there is more competition from outside U.S. borders but this is hardly new news. Nor is this all bad news. Enterprising IT professionals are still very much in demand, and those who continue to keep their credentials up to date and keep on top of technology developments are likely to always find a place to work.

Offshore workers can also bring in new perspective, and potentially, new ideas. There is no reason that IT workers should hide under a rock of doom and gloom, waiting for outsourcing to drive them from their from security. Keep moving, keep learning, and keep looking ahead and you will always have a place.

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