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Our Special Survivors' Guide TechQuiz Results

Thanks to everyone who participated in our special Survivors' Guide TechQuiz! Stop by to see the list of our top three winners of a $100 gift certificate and to
The Questions and Correct Answers:

Which is the basic ROI model used for tallying your patch management costs?

1. cost = (hourly rate) / (employee labor hour) x (number of systems)
2. cost = (employee labor hour) x (hourly rate) x (number of systems)
3. cost = (number of systems) x (employee labor hour) + (employee labor hour)
4. cost = (number of patches) x (number of systems) / (employee labor hour)
Correct: 46 percent

How many subcomponents does a Web tier have?
1. 7
2. 4

3. 2
4. 11
Correct: 43 percent

iSCSI devices can limit access to logical drives through all but which method?
1. IP address
2. IQN
Correct: 37 percent

Which of the following is NOT a vendor supported IEEE standard?

1. 802.3af
2. 802.1X
3. 802.3ad
4. 802.eil
Correct: 46 percent

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