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OQO Packs a Slick PC Into a Small Package

The first thing I noticed about the Model 01 is its size--a little bit larger and thicker than a Pocket PC handheld (4.9 inches long, 3.4 inches wide, 0.9 inches thick and weighing 14 ounces), its 4.5-inch LCD screen looks absolutely huge compared with a typical PDA display and delivers 800-by-480 pixels of screen real estate. All the applications I ran on the Model 01 worked very well in the limited resolution, although I did have to pan and scroll quite a bit on Web sites and Excel spreadsheets.

The screen slides up, revealing one of the most well-designed handheld keyboards I've used--it's clearly been optimized for mobile operation. Keys that typically are held down, like Shift, Ctrl or Alt, are "sticky" on the Model 01. Pressing one of these keys enables that key until another key is combined with it. For example, I can hit the infamous Ctrl-Alt-Del combination using one finger. Green LEDs signal when a sticky key is enabled.

Between the main keyboard and number pad is the Trackstik, which, along with a digital pen, handles mouse movement. In testing, I typically used the Trackstik when the keyboard was exposed and reserved the stylus for those occasions when the unit was closed.

In Short
  • Product: OQO's Model 01 Ultra Personal Computer
  • URLs
  • Pricing
    • $1,999
  • Phone Number
    • 415-430-6200
  • The Good
    • PDA-size device runs Windows XP
    • Well-designed thumb keyboard
    • Choice of Trackstik or pen-based control
  • The Bad
    • Device gets very warm with handheld use
    • Some basic functions require bulky docking cable
    • Non-upgradeable memory, hard drive

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