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One Quarter Of Enterprises Admit To Intrusion Attempts: Survey

One in four enterprises have been victimized by intrusions into their networks and servers in the last two years, according to a VanDyke Software-commissioned survey. More than 40% of these companies reported that the intrusions were successful.

Out of the 360 enterprise IT security professionals surveyed, nearly 93% had installed a network firewall. Half of those surveyed use a network analyzer, turn off non-secure protocols, and installed a user-based firewall. More than 40% implemented WiFi security.

"In the final quarter of 2005, it is somewhat surprising that only slightly more than half of enterprises indicated they have turned off nonsecure protocols like Telnet or FTP. It is an important step to decreasing intrusion vulnerability and yet the number of enterprises that actually do so is far from being an 'overwhelming majority'," Jeff P. VanDyke, president VanDyke software said in a statement.

Sixty nine percent of those surveyed visit security-related Websites for information about security best practices. Over sixty seven percent read trade magazines for security-related information. Half of the enterprises surveyed also used training courses, conferences, newsletters, online discussion forums and books. Local training courses are used by 36%, and 33% utilize Usenet groups and security-related blogs.