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Office Live Goes Live

Microsoft plans to make its planned beta versions of Office Live available Wednesday morning.

Windows and Office Live were announced in November, in what was seen as a response to successful software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings from companies such as and Google. Windows Live is targeted at consumers, while Office Live is aimed at very small businesses, typically those with 10 or fewer employees.

In addition, at the 3GSM show in Barcelona on Tuesday, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said the company will enable new Windows Live services that will allow users to do searches, conduct instant messaging chats, and send mail over the Web from "virtually any mobile device."

The Windows Live Client would thus run on mobile handsets running Windows Mobile and other non-Microsoft operating systems.

Microsoft demonstrated both the Live Mobile Search and Windows Live Mail for Mobile, which sahre a common address book with Windows Live services for PCs.

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