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Now, Get the Bigger IT Picture

A Look Ahead
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As you may be aware, InformationWeek and its affiliated sites Network Computing and Dark Reading have worked to serve the needs of specific segments of the IT group, with Network Computing addressing infrastructure technology and Dark Reading focusing on cybersecurity, while IWeek deals with general IT topics. All three sites are partners with the Interop conference. None of that is changing.

However, our parent company, UBM, merged with global publishing and events company Informa in 2018. That merger broadened the information product offerings made available to our readers. For example, ITPro Today and Data Center Knowledge, along with the Data Center World conference, joined the former UBM properties in the establishment of the Informa Tech business unit. Those properties offer expertise in areas such as data center operations, Windows technologies, and tech product evaluations and comparisons.

Today I want to give you a sense of how all these IT properties are working together to serve the needs of your entire IT group.

With the dawn of the new year, the editors of the various sites assembled a special report IT 2020: A Look Ahead. We collected the new year forecast pieces from each site in a single, easy-to-navigate report. None of today’s technology areas can be looked at in isolation. The cybersecurity team has to work with the general IT team; the data center group has interests that touch on networking; and careers issues are top of mind for everyone.