• 12/28/2015
    6:00 AM
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New Year's Resolutions for SDN Success

Software-defined networking is still in the early stages. If you're considering deployment, follow these five recommendations to ensure your company is one of the success stories.


SDN: What Comes First ? Skills or The Cart ?

"...Don't overestimate the skills of your staff "


This is really great advice.   I think this is one of the chief reasons SDN is not gaining faster adoption, most simply do not have the skill set to push this type of undertaking.


With the realities of the workplace, I don't see this changing anytime soon.

SDN: Time To Deployment

Maybe this is the reason SDN is facing such a tough road to adoption.  Deployment could potentially take years and with turnover the way it is - it could potentially take longer than that.


Add politics to it and it might never get achieved.

Re: SDN: Time To Deployment

One of the biggest hurdle in SDN deployment is skilled manpower, companies are little worried about after deployment/ integration consequences. Current employed manpower is not very compatible to SDN and upgrading them needs good training and lab practice, even that is limited.

"Don't jump the gun...".

This is probably the best piece of advice in this article.  I've been asking for quite sometime now, "how is SDN going to help me and my business"?  I'm yet to see a use case for SDN that cannot be achieved via orchastration tools already available. Like the article said.  Each organisation has to evaluate SDN to see if it can help it's business and not give into the hype.

The point about staff skills is also worthy of note.

Re: "Don't jump the gun...".

great one

Re: "Don't jump the gun...".

nice information

Re: Pending Review

good information

Re: "Don't jump the gun...".

@PMITCHELLNA      Excellent approach.  How is SDN going to help me and my business ?   

Something the hype makers would have you rather not think too much about.