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New Ways To Connect To Your Data

A number of companies have recently introduced new ways to connect storage.

Advanced Digital Information Corp. (ADIC) unveiled its first iSCSI connectivity option for its Scalar family of tape libraries.

Jeff Eckard, product marketing manager at ADIC, said there are two ways to upgrade the 24-cartridge Scalar 24 and the 96-cartridge Scalar 100 libraries to iSCSI.

In the first way, an iSCSI controller is installed in a new or existing library and connected to the customer's existing LAN. While it does not offer maximum performance and security, it is a quick, low-cost way to upgrade libraries to work with multiple hosts, Eckard said.

The second way requires, besides the iSCSI controller, the addition of a new Ethernet switch and the installation of extra network interface cards or ports on the server. This improves security and performance by taking the backup traffic off the company's LAN, Eckard said.

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