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New Tool Helps Service Providers Manage Distributed VoIP

N-able Technologies has announced a new module for its N-central 4.5 IT management platform that will allow managed service providers to remotely manage and monitor distributed voice over IP (VoIP) systems.

According to N-able, the VoIP Service Manager is will allow service providers to respond more quickly and effectively to VoIP customer needs. Should anything happen to a VoIP system -- whether it's equipment failure or some other system outage -- the VoIP Service Manager will notify the service provider so it can take immediate corrective action. The module also features predictive failure capabilities that allow service providers to address problems before they become problems.

"The ongoing need for a reliable, scaleable, and cost-effective phone service makes VoIP a lucrative investment for businesses of all sizes," N-able Technologies president and CEO Mark Scott said in a statement. "And as demand for this emerging technology grows so does the opportunity for our partners to generate additional, predictable revenue streams by managing and monitoring VoIP solutions."

The VoIP Service Manager features a centralized dashboard that monitors all of the VoIP components across the client base. The VoIP Service Manager device and hardware management tool tracks hardware resource utilization, while an application availability and connectivity tool monitors the availability of VoIP applications. The module's Traffic Service collects network availability and utilization metrics, while an Alerting Service manages real-time notification of service degradations and network problems.