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New Product-Management Apps For Smaller Companies

Agile Software Corp., a maker of product-life-cycle-management applications, has introduced product-management apps and services for companies pulling in less than $200 million in revenue. The software is an eight-app bundle called Advantage 2005, and it's priced on an on-demand basis.
Among the bundled applications are:

  • Product Record Management, for managing bills
  • Document Management & Control, which helps to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Product Sourcing, which helps with direct-materials management and approval of vendor lists
  • Engineering Integration, which helps companies integrate and manage CAD tools with bill of materials for document and product changes
  • On-Demand PLM, which requires just a browser and access to the Internet.

    The goal is to provide on-demand PLM apps that are as quick as possible to deploy. The company says that deployment can occur within 24 hours of the time the contract is signed.

    The apps are sold with on-demand licenses that let companies add or remove users monthly.

    Advantage 2005 runs on Windows, whereas Agile's enterprise apps are based on Java 2 Enterprise Edition. "Most [smaller companies] don't have the heavy IT infrastructure," says Agile CEO Bryan Stolle. "They don't want to manage a Web application, portal, database, and physical servers. Second, the suite provides out-of-the-box applications for easy installation."

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