• 10/10/2003
    3:58 AM
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New Analysis Gig

This tool answers the challenges of decoding high-speed, high-capacity networks--all with user-friendly ease.
I found the overhauled interface mighty intuitive. Many app-specific types of network traffic are segregated and summarized automatically, with errors highlighted in an environment that's enjoyable to navigate.

Transactional processes are gathered under their own headings, as are mail and messaging, database apps, voice-over-IP flows and RTP (Real-Time Transport Protocol) for streaming media. A generic category acts as a bucket for other packets. All headings show traffic details that include source and destination addresses and ports, errors, packet sizes, byte counts and response-time details.

Going Deep

Built on the rugged Dolch FlexPAC platform, ClearSight's analyzer uses Windows XP Professional. The 2-GHz Pentium 4 CPU and 2 GB of RAM provide plenty of horsepower for the analyzer's network-monitoring and capture functions, whether the device is used in pass-through mode (between two gigabit switches) or as an end-station that monitors a network switch span port.

The analyzer has a generous 512-MB-per-channel capture buffer, is capable of full wire rate and streaming capture, and can operate with a streaming speed of up to 800 Mbps, depending on packet type in the wire. Pass-through configurations can employ the included low-loss tap or the platform's onboard interfaces.

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