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NetOP Remote Control Now Runs From USB Flash Drives

CrossTec Communications on Tuesday updated its NetOP Remote Control application, featuring improvements in security and the ability to load the remote software on USB-based drives for easier deployment in the field.

NetOP, which lets users control another machine remotely -- the office desktop, for instance, from an on-the-road laptop -- via the Internet, can be now be installed and run from a USB flash memory stick. Personal settings, including phone entries and files for transfer, can be loaded onto the flash drive as well, which when plugged into a PC's USB port, turns that system into a guest machine able to connect remotely with others.

No files, scripts, or settings are placed onto the guest PC, making it possible to use public machines or ones "borrowed" at a customer's site by a salesperson, for instance.

The new version also now supports RSA SecurID authentication, which establishes access privileges through the NetOP security server, verifying the guest's identity against an RSA ACE/Server using a username, pre-determined password, and a SecurID security token that generates one-time passwords automatically.

Additionally, NetOP Remote Control now allows a single Windows host to run multiple Windows guest sessions simultaneously, said the Boca Raton, Fla-based firm.

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