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Net Integration's Nitix 0S 4.0

I tested a beta version in our Green Bay, Wis., Real-World Labs®, using a Micro appliance from Net Integration. Weighing just 2.2 pounds, the Micro sported a Via C3 EDEN 800-MHz processor, 256 MB of SDRAM, a 40-GB hard drive, three 10/100 ports and one parallel port for print services.

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Nitix configured itself with an IP address, the correct default route and DNS entries. Coolest of all were the breadth of its management features in the Web console and its ability to intelligently reconfigure itself in the face of failures.

To test the operating system's touted ability to "heal" itself, I downloaded and accepted a prerelease build of version 4.0. When I tried to reboot the system, Nitix automatically reverted back to the original 3.x version. The system, unable to boot with the beta build, intelligently decided to revert to the last known good configuration.


• Automagically configures most network settings
• Groupware functionality includes synchronization with Outlook
• Includes wide variety of SOHO-suitable services

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