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Many Data Centers Still Have No Risk Management Plan

Business technology managers are facing tough challenges as data centers grow larger and more complex. More than 75% of all companies have experienced a business disruption in the past five years, including 20% who say the disruption had a serious impact on the business, according to a recent survey of data center managers.

Despite the critical nature of data center operations to business, nearly 17% reported they have no risk management plan, and less than 5% have plans that address viruses and security breaches.

The results, which were announced Tuesday at the Data Center World conference in Atlanta, are part of survey of nearly 200 members of AFCOM, a leading association for data center managers.

"Data center professionals need to prepare for what is going on," said Jill Eckhaus, president of AFCOM. "If we don't prepare, companies are not going to be able to run their facilities efficiently. We are hoping we can raise awareness."

The survey was conducted by AFCOM's Data Center Institute, which is dedicated to improving data center management and operations. The results were part of the institute's "five bold predictions for the future of the data center industry."

The predictions: Within the next five years, one out of every four data centers will experience a serious disruption; by 2015, the talent pool of qualified senior-level technical and management data center professionals will shrink by 45%; by 2010, nearly 70% of all data centers will use some form of grid computing or virtual processing; by 2010, more than half of all data centers will have to relocate to new facilities or outsource some applications; and over the next five years, power failures and limits on power availability will halt data center operations at more than 90% of companies.

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