• 04/28/2003
    5:33 PM
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Management Apps Span a Widening Spectrum

Whether your CFO's buzzword du jour is ROI or TCO, network and systems management products must deliver immediate returns, or no sale. Find out which NSM products get our
Spreading peace within IT despite organizational and cultural differences is not easy, especially when different tools present shared resources as if they were competing. But such is the price of a quick return in the NSM market.

For those of you pining for big-picture, strategic management behemoths, like those we tested for our comparative review of MoMs (managers of managers; see "Hot MoMs"), join the club--and be prepared to spend beaucoup bucks. Although 50 percent of CIOs surveyed in March by Aberdeen Group say they intend to purchase NSM applications in the next six to 12 months, the simplest MoM will cost $200,000 to get off the ground, plus $40,000 a year for maintenance and thousands of dollars for training, so these are still the purview of an elite group of enterprises.

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