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Luminous E200: Enlightened Transport for Ethernet: Page 4 of 5

Vendor Information
PacketWave E-Series Metro Optical Access Platform for Customer Premises, $19,000. Luminous Networks, (877) 564-5888, (408) 342-6400.

Pools and Policies

As with the Ethernet traffic, the TDM circuits can be set up as protected or unprotected. Using a T1 signal generator, I watched the system fail over the TDM traffic on a protected circuit. One drawback to this system that can't be changed is that during failover the TDM circuit drops and goes into alarm. Once a protected reroute has been completed, the circuit comes back up. This occurred after the 11-ms loss in my tests. If the circuit had been carrying voice traffic, those calls most likely would have been dropped and disconnected. Data traffic should continue unabated once the circuit is back.

SONET Differences