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Luminous E200: Enlightened Transport for Ethernet

Luminous sent me the E200 along with two of its C-Series units so I could create a ringed network. I connected one Gigabit Ethernet transmit-receive pair to each of the C-Series units and connected the C-Series devices to each other. The IP address of each device must be configured via the command line from the RS-232 port on the unit. This is routine, but to access the devices from the LMS, I had to
manually create static routes--full autodiscovery hasn't made its way into the management system yet. I completed the rest of the configuration via a GUI.

Good News
  • Effectively protects Ethernet and TDM traffic.
  • Can be used in campus or MAN environments.
    Bad News
  • Management system is in early stages and it shows.
  • As with most carrier-class management systems, Luminous' LMS (Luminous Management System) has a server and a client application. Both are available for Sun Microsystems Solaris 7 or higher and Microsoft Windows NT. I tested under Windows 2000, a platform Luminous hasn't OK'd yet. The company recommends the Solaris version if your network comprises more than a few devices and four or more clients.

    LMS supports three types of users: supervisor, administrator and operator. A supervisor can perform all configuration tasks on the units and network. An administrator can only add and delete users. An operator can view configurations but can't change anything.

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