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On Location at McCarran International Airport: First Impressions: Page 3 of 3

Dave Webb

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One time, the system went down for a day and a half. "I was livid," Walker recalls. "I found out it was just some Mickey Mouse piece of equipment they cheaped out on, and I remember saying to the guy who was in charge, 'If you ever try to save me money again, I will fire you. That $1,000 you saved me just cost me tens of thousands of dollars in productivity.'"

The message was clear: This airport lives and breathes information, and Walker is going to give IT the resources it needs to keep the place running smoothly.

Walker, Johnson and company shared many more tidbits with us that you'll read about in our April report. Among them: how McCarran has kept employee turnover at virtually zero in the last five years (there are some 35 IT staffers) and dealt with the demands of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), which seem to change every day during this jittery time. Stay tuned.

Project Blog: On Location
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