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Languistics' B-Monitor Keeps Spam and Malicious Code from Infiltrating E-Mail: Page 3 of 4

5,000 Nasty Messages

I used B-Monitor's sample policy and rules to quarantine messages. Using the SMTP mailer on each of the Dell Celerons, I sent more than 5,000 of the preclassified text files to users on the primary mail server through B-Monitor.

Vendor Information
B-Monitor, starts at $249 per user (depending on number of users). Languistics, (858) 485-6617; fax (858) 485-6872.

After delivery, I viewed the messages that were quarantined with the PolicyMonitor and compared them to a master list of messages and their classification. B-Monitor delivered 3,011 of 5,135 messages, only 75 of which were false negatives that should have been caught. B-Monitor quarantined 2,124 messages; just 51 were false positives. For the entire test, B-Monitor showed impressive recall (.97), precision (.98) and accuracy (.97) in identifying content that fell outside acceptable use.

In another test, I used a policy with 13 rules to see how it would affect mail processing. I sent 1,000, 5,000 and more than 95,000 text files as messages. B-monitor analyzed and passed two to three messages to the primary mail server per second. Although the mail servers did not do reverse-DNS lookups, as they would in the real world, B-Monitor took action on more than 40,000 of the 95,000-plus messages, and delivered them all in approximately 24 hours. All the while, it maintained between 70 percent and 80 percent utilization.

B-Monitor's PolicyMonitor logs message violations and provides administrators a view of all violations, quarantined messages and administrative alerts.