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Juniper: Integrated Security A Necessity For Networks

Ever since Juniper Networks acquired security provider NetScreen Technologies earlier this year for a deal valued around $4 billion, the networking industry has been asking: "Why did they do it?"

Now that the acquisition is complete, Juniper is starting to tell its side of the story. At the recent NetWorld + Interop show, Networking Pipeline sat down with Christine Heckart, Juniper's vice president of worldwide marketing, to get the lowdown on why Juniper thinks security and networking are no longer separate industries.

Networking Pipeline: Everyone is still asking about the NetScreen deal. Can you shed any more light on the "why" behind the purchase?

Christine Heckart: As an industry, we've always treated security as different, a separate architecture from networking. Early on that made sense. But now, it doesn't. To think about networking and security [separately] is odd -- you can't run a network for business without security. We believe they are coming together as an industry.

Networking Pipeline: Why did Juniper need to buy NetScreen?

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