• 12/23/2003
    5:00 PM
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The Jingle of Corporate Donations

It's the holiday season and with that comes the age old tradition of gift-giving. It seems appropriate, then, to recognize some of the giving high-tech companies have been engaging in

Closer to home, IBM last month donated 93 kid-friendly computers to classrooms of at-risk preschoolers in North Carolina. The state program, dubbed "More At Four," distributes equipment to classrooms based on need. IBM will also provide training for all lead teachers who receive computers in their classroom. Combined with last year's donation of more than 200 computers, IBM has donated more than $750,000 in equipment and training to More at Four since its inception in 2001.

At a time when the term Big Business has become synonymous with Big Bad Wolf, it is nice to hear about corporate giving that, seemingly, has not strings attached. If the ulterior motive of these companies is to give themselves a better, more technically trained pool of workers from which to choose, I'd say that's a gift we can all enjoy.

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