• 06/24/2008
    9:39 AM
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Jaxtr Intros Low-Cost Phone Service

VoIP provider Jaxtr has launched an inexpensive, out-of-network service that lets users place calls on their mobile phones without first connecting to the Internet.Fueled by $10 million in venture capital, Jaxtr first came on the scene in March 2007 with a free international mobile calling service (member to member), a voice-based social network and a text-messaging service. Its new service, announced today, is fee-based but low-cost. For example, calls to China, the United Kingdom and China cost 1 cent per minute, while calls to India cost 6 cents per minute. To call out-of-network, customers dial a central Jaxtr number that provides the connection and saves the number for future calls.

As of February, Jaxtr has more than 10 million customers, according to the company.Webware

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