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IT Project Priorities: Out Of Alignment With Business Goals?

IT orders multiple new servers, and then they sit unused for months. The business wants to grow by driving more customers to its Web site, but the call center agents don’t have access to the same screens as the customer and can’t help customers navigate the site. Front end technologies are significantly faster than back end technologies, causing system bottlenecks.

These are just a few examples of how IT priorities and budgets are out of synch at a number of companies, according to technology and business experts, who provide some thoughts on what leads to this disconnect and some ways to solve it.

“They average company probably has 15 to 20 percent more technology than it needs,” says Nan Andrews Amish, an independent strategy consultant. “For the last 10 years, any time IT asked for stuff, they got it.”

Other times the technology that IT acquired wasn’t in line with a company’s business goals, according to technology experts and companies themselves.

Now, however, companies are starting to realize that technology can’t be purchased for technology’s sake, that it must meet the same considerations as other corporate expenditures, Amish says.

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