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iSCSI Takes on Fibre Channel for the All-IP Enterprise

Pay your money and place your bets: As 10GigE makes an impact in data centers worldwide, which bandwidth-hungry application will benefit first from its massive pipes? Will it be networked storage, or will it be high-speed links between Gigabit Ethernet switches embraced at the server level mounting a challenge to Gigabit Ethernet as the new standard? Today, big and fast enterprise storage is pretty much the exclusive turf of Fibre Channel SAN networks, and the FC platform isn't about to surrender ground without a fight.


In the data center, a surprising number of companies are living the all-IP dream. Most small and midsize businesses and a healthy number of small and midsize enterprises continue to use DAS and NAS as their primary storage models, for financial reasons. But as an enterprise grows, its IT support team is eventually forced to deal with many dozens of servers and manage hundreds of terabytes of critical data on a 24x7x365 basis. At some point, storage consolidation gets serious consideration. Then the challenge is choosing the method of getting data to servers.

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