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iPhone Buyers Most Likely To Be Male College Grads

Buyers of the Apple iPhone are most likely to be a male, 31-year-old, college grad with a household income of $75,600, a study released Thursday suggests.

An online survey of U.S. consumers in May revealed that people most likely to buy the combination mobile phone and digital music player scheduled for release at the end of this month make more money and are better educated than the national average, according to Solutions Research Group, a Canadian firm that publishes a syndicated trend study called Digital Life America.

Based on the survey's findings, 72% of people "definitely interested" in buying an iPhone are male. The average age for a likely iPhone earlier adopter would be 31, with 94% between the ages of 15 and 49, and the rest over 50. Fully 58% have completed college, versus 43% for the national average.

In addition, 43% of potential buyers live in New York or California, which is about double the national average. The average annual household income is $75,600, or 26% more than the nation as a whole.

The study also found that 48% of potential buyers do not own an iPod. As to the percentage of potential buyers definitely interested in buying the iPhone from current carriers, 15% were with T-Mobile, 12% AT&T, 7% Sprint, and 4% Verizon. When released June 29, the iPhone only will be available through Apple or AT&T. The price will start at $500.

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